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4ESydney HipHop Festival & Burn Gently Enterprises presents the NSW premiere of Burn Gently, an Australian Hip Hop documentary.


The project boasts some of the biggest names in Aus Hip Hop including 360, Suffa (Hilltop Hoods), Bliss n Eso, Thundamentals, L-FRESH The LION, Mantra, Matt Okine, MC Trey, Michelle Grace Hunder, Baker Boy, Def Wish Cast, Mirrah, Genesis Owusu, Sampa The Great, Drapht, Urthboy and many , MANY more.


This event will include a Q&A with the some of the key faces behind the project including BARKAA, Sensible Antixx and MC Trey.

Directed by Sensible Antixx

Co-produced by N'fa Jones

Videography by Hideaway Media

"Burn Gently is an exploration into the ins and outs of the Australian music industry, its growth, pressures, expectations and hardships, its success and failings; all through the lens of some of the most influential artists in Australian Hip Hop.

A cinematic piece that endorses engagement within the music industry, encourages and supports the next generation’s involvement in the creative arts, whilst also portraying a positive message that addresses diversity, equality, creativity and community."

Antony Attridge, Director 

4ESydney Q+A panelists and host

"The documentary addresses social issues in how the public and community listen to Hip Hop, how we absorb and engage with the borrowed culture in our own back yard...

The complexity of racism, drug abuse, violence, misogyny, and mental health issues, whilst also championing the unique work of all the beautiful personalities we meet along the way."

Antony Attridge, Director 


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