Our conference is being converted to online sessions from May.

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Hosted by Rhianna Patrick (ABC Radio/ QMusic) and Maxine Johns aka Ms Hennessey (Koori FM/Author)

Speakers include L-FRESH The LION, DOBBY, Bruce Shillingsworth, Mz Rizk (Melb/House Of Beige),

Luka Lesson, K-Sera (The Edge 96.1FM), former Triple J host, Dom Alessio (Sounds Australia), Ricky Simandjuntak (ONEFOUR), Randy Glazer, Ian Escandor (Esky), MC Trey (TapastryCreative) and many more, soon to be announced!!

Conference discussions will include

  • Beyond Boxticking

  • Do Global Issues Impact Locally?

  • Moving From Darkness To Light - When Does A Habit Become An Addiction

  • When Artistic Expression & Censorship Collide

  • From The Ground Up

  • Branded - Connecting Artists & Brands

  • Deconstructing & Reconstructing The Artist Management Business Model

  • Does Art Imitate Life Or Life Imitate Art

  • Well Worn - Sustainable Fashion

       and much much more.


4ESydney Conference opens the floor to having honest uncensored dialogue, putting the HipHop scene and creative industries under the microscope, dissecting and analysing what is really going on, finding new ways to make it healthier and more sustainable. It’s all about the power and exchange of knowledge, of culture, of history and sharing experiences which have impacted our lives. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or where you are from, we all hold knowledge and experiences which allow us to be both teacher and student.

The conference is led by industry professionals, artists, academics, community and HipHop pioneers, and structured to be interactive with a combination of discussions, roundtables, workshops, networking events and more.

Join us as we explore the bright lights and dark nights of the forever growing HipHop culture which is driving youth-led movements around the world.


  1. Mental health

  2. Gender

  3. Race

  4. Youth & Education

  5. Activism & Global Impact

  6. First Peoples Leadership

  7. Industry Development