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(formally known as 4Elements Music Project 4EMP)

4Elements Sydney (4ESydney) utilises HipHop and music culture to generate community

harmony, engagement and skills development.


We empower youth, artists & diverse communities by:

- breaking through stereotypes,

- building positive identity & self-esteem,

- creating a platform & audience for real voices to be heard, and;

- establishing innovative pathways to education & employment.


4ESydney coincides with Harmony Day, International Women’s Day and Youth Week.

4ESydney is made up of a mentoring program, conference and festival which is held during the first quarter of each year (January - April).

4ESydney acts as a meeting ground, a space where education, community and industry meet

thus creating unique personal and professional development and gateway opportunities for

those wanting a career within the music and creative arts industries.

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