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What we do

We believe in the power of HipHop, and its ability to engage young people and assist in breaking down barriers. We use the 4 main elements of HipHop culture—emceeing (music),
b-boying (dance), graffiti (art) and DJing—to help young people find their voice, tell their stories, and belong in their community.

HipHop is the largest sub-youth culture in the world. By using HipHop as our tool for change, we’re able to understand and connect with youth.

4Elements All Age HipHop Festival

A day of serious talent, featuring over 100 emcees, musicians, poets, breaker, dancers, graffiti writers and street artists, right in the heart of Bankstown.

Professional Development 

We connect 20-somethings with industry professionals, and help them build a career within the creative industries and HipHop culture.

How we do it

At 4Elements Music Project (4EMP), we talk about our secret 5th element: knowledge. We pass knowledge from professionals to learners, from learners to professionals, and create local intergenerational spaces for this learning to occur. In these spaces, we deliver workshops and mentoring programs and an all age community HipHop festival.

4Elements Workshops

Our workshops harness and develop talented young people, and make them talented-er.

The result

We spread the good word of HipHop to the wider community. We engage young people who normally wouldn’t appreciate HipHop, we help young people develop a sense of who they are. Through HipHop, these young people are able to share express their value to the community.


4EMP is not just about HipHop. It’s about bringing people together, self-expression, identity and respect.

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