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Last updated 2nd April 2020

Recently we have all been faced with the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. This global pandemic has impacted us considerably, our friends, family, local community and industry colleagues, in a magnitude of ways. Due to the covid-19 government mandated restrictions of non-essential gatherings enforced today Monday 16th of March, 4ESydney have had to make the difficult decision to postpone  parts of 4ESydney 2020.

We hope you are keeping your spirits up during these challenging times! 4ESydney is feeling the effects of self isolation just as much as you are! That said, we’re more inspired than ever before! And, we’re back!

After momentarily pausing our annual 4ESydney Festival in response to COVID-19 government mandates, this Saturday 4th of April marks the first day of 4ESydney going digital from 6pm streaming live on Facebook! What originally was a 15 day festival of robust scheduling in 11 locations, with 24 collaborative events, and over 100 artists and industry professionals will now be stretched out till the 5th of September.

With over 100 artists and professionals booked and scheduled for 4ESydney 2020, we accepted the challenge of endeavouring to lessen the blow by attempting to minimise as many artist cancellations as possible.

We’ve reformatted our schedule for a new digital experience. We will drip feed 5 months of live-streamed and digital content utilising different platforms in this new phase of our digital journey. From Monday, our digital program will be announced monthly.

Content will be interactive where you will not only get front row seats to this new festival online experience, but have the chance to ask your most pressing questions to our panellists, artists and other passionate industry professionals across the globe with real time response!

We aim to share the ‘real’ epidemic which is the insane talent being birthed out of Western Sydney, and Australia as a whole, and infect the world with the strength of music and art across the globe in these trying times. We will adapt, unite and do what we need to do to make things happen.


We are keeping up-to-date with government mandates as they change and are strictly adhering to the rules including practising stringent social distancing precautions. Any further lock down measurements during the next few days and months will be strictly honoured for a safer city. Our biggest priority is that our artists, crew and team stay safe and do our bit by helping our vulnerable, exercise social distancing, but also keeping inspired, calm and stimulated. 

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