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Picking Up The Pieces: Lock out laws, funding cuts and shanky promoters – What The?


Join us as we examine our live music industry as a whole, while placing a microscope over the Urban and HipHop scene.


It’s time to dissect the Australian festival culture and the direction of our industry with recent changes like the lock out laws, funding cuts and the impact of multiple failed events like the most recent Soulfest.


Music is the biggest art form in Australia. In 2011, it was estimated to generate 41.97 million attendances, and leverage $1.21 billion revenue through audience spending in licensed live music venues across Australia.

What will the new stats say? What does this mean for our emerging artists? Is our scene still viable?




PANEL 2of2:

Stories Of The Street: HipHop, activism and contemporary youth experiences.


The Australian HipHop community contributes towards social debates with a unique form of political commentary. It represents important voices from the streets that are often misunderstood and excluded.


Join us as we review the way young people resist marginalisation and stigmatisation through the lens of HipHop culture, and integrate both Australian and global outlooks on HipHop activism and the role it plays in social and cultural revolution.


HipHop activism is an important form of journalism that provides insight into the lived experiences of young people and disrupts conventional and exploitative accounts of the youth experience.



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