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Marker Canvas

Marker Canvas


Canvas Size

Pieces: 2

Total size: 1.2m (h) x 3.6m (w)

Unit size: 1.2m (h) x 1.8m (w)


This artwork was painted live at the 4Elements HipHop Festival. 

The materials have all been donated by Ironlak and Family & Community Services (FACS).

The artist has donated their time and skills to participate in the festival, as well as, create this one of a kind artwork with 100% of the funds being donated back into the project.


Artist: Marker

Marker is a locally born artist who adds his style and finesse to surfaces across Australia for more than 20 years. A founding member of the Keeping Buffers Busy Crew, his execution and precision is paramount for any medium its applied to.

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