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The Power of Words: How HipHop lyricism continues to empower people and shape culture


HipHop is more than just a genre, it's a powerful movement and form of expression that has been used by creatives for generations. It's a way for them to explore, define and express their identity and culture. Despite efforts to discredit it, HipHop has remained a major force for change and a voice for people all over the world. 


Join us to explore the importance of lyricism and creative writing in HipHop and how it has evolved over the years. Our incredible lineup of local artists and writers will discuss their personal journeys and uncover the power of HipHop and its impact on culture and identity. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the genre and its impact on the world.

Hosted by DOBBY (Musician, Composer, Activist)


Speakers include MC Trey (Artist, Cultural Leader), BARKAA (Artist), URTHBOY (Artist, Record Label Owner), Hau (Radio Presenter, Record Label Director), LEE  (Emerging Artist)

Thu 25th May

Panel: 7pm

Location: Powerhouse Museum

500 Harris Street, Ultimo


This panel is presented in partnership with the Powerhouse Museum and the Sydney Writers Festival

"The documentary addresses social issues in how the public and community listen to Hip Hop, how we absorb and engage with the borrowed culture in our own back yard...

The complexity of racism, drug abuse, violence, misogyny, and mental health issues, whilst also championing the unique work of all the beautiful personalities we meet along the way."

Antony Attridge, Director 


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