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16.7.3 Lost Children Procedure 

The Lost Children location will be in the Site Office, located at the western most point of the festival site (Muru Way) which will be clearly marked and communicated to patrons through festival channels. 


There are at least two Admin staff with current Working With Children Checks, and will be assigned to any lost children cases, and will lead these cases. 


Security to be radioed (if not already aware). 


To prioritise the safety of the child, announcements will not be made over the PA. The child will be kept in a quiet space with the qualified crew member until the parent or guardian approaches the hub, and provides identifying information about the child that confirms their relationship and legal access to the child. 


To be recorded in the incident register. 


The Lost Children Hub will be communicated through Mian Stage MC announcements, at the Info Tent, and on the website

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