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1. 4E is a free, family-friendly event.

2. Police, security, medical personnel are onsite. 

4. By entering the festival site you agree to the Conditions of Entry.

5. Warrick Lane Precinct is a Council declared 'Alcohol Free Zone'.

BYO alcohol is not permitted in or around the festival grounds, including the neighbouring car parks. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in every area of the festival site. People found with alcohol onsite will be subject to removal and fines. 

6. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

7. Smoking permitted ONLY in the designated Smoking Areas.


  • Open bottles or cans or other vessels (containing alcoholic liquid) 

  • Single use plastic  

  • Glitter, balloons, confetti, fishing line, bread clips, plastic bags, or any other material that can create micro waste or harm wildlife 

  • Weapons of any kind 

  • Illicit drugs or alcohol of any kind 

  • Water pistols 

  • Inflatable items 

  • Glass 

  • Fireworks, flares, fire twirling paraphernalia (sticks, balls etc)

  • Boogie boards 

  • Containers of liquid fuel 

  • Laser lights 

  • Protest paraphernalia or banners 

  • Animals (with the exception of assistance animals such as guide dogs)

  • Aerosol cans of any kind (including personal paint)

  • Festival Management reserves the right to use discretion and refuse entry of other items presented at the festival and deemed to cause harm or damage to people, animals, or the natural environment in or around the festival.

8. The following are causes for refusal of entry, eviction and/or bans:

  • Bags and backpacks larger than A3 (aprox 40cm x 30cm) are strictly prohibited - There are no storage facilities on site and we will not cloak these items. Medical items / bags will be permitted subject to inspection.

  • Possession of unauthorised photography or filming equipment

  • Failure to wear shoes, sandals or other protective foot covering. 

  • Refusing to move from an area or seat reserved for official officers

  • Throwing objects, spitting or dropping liquid or ice

  • Possession of prohibited substances

  • Fighting or threatening to fight

  • Supply of alcohol to a minor

  • Interfering with emergency equipment

  • Any venue damage or unauthorised graffiti

  • Smoking including e-cigarettes, vaping, and similar devices, in non-designated areas

  • Wearing clothing that is deemed offensive will be asked to leave

  • Intoxication or any kind of antisocial behaviour 

9.   You may be subject to random bag checks. We thank you for your cooperation in minating public safety

10. Please commit to being part of a fun and relaxed family event with no hassles. Anti-social, abusive or violent behaviour and/or intoxicated persons will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate ejection of offending parties and re-entry not permitted.


11. Please respect our neighbours and local wildlife by keeping noise to a minimum when arriving and departing the event site. 

12. Please assist us in creating a sustainable, low-impact event together by putting rubbish in the bins  provided, minimising your use of single use items, and bringing reusable water bottles (not glass) with you where possible. Also please consider your festival  footprint – walk or carpool where possible as well.  Thank you! 

13. Please note, event dates, times and artists set times are subject to change. We appreciate your understanding as we all move through a new time in which to produce and attend live music events. 

14. By entering the festival site you agree to be photographed or filmed and for these images to be used in festival promotional materials.

15. Be kind; be nice to each other; have a great time!  

Thank you for supporting live music!

Thank you for supporting live music!

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