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Sektor Canvas

Sektor Canvas


Canvas Size

Pieces: 1

Unit size: 1.2m (h) x 1.8m (w)


This artwork was painted live at the 4Elements HipHop Festival. 

The materials have all been donated by Ironlak and Family & Community Services (FACS).

The artist has donated their time and skills to participate in the festival, as well as, create this one of a kind artwork with 100% of the funds being donated back into the project.


Artist: Sektor

From an early age Sektor has been constantly drawing and paintin. His passion for art was ignited when he started using aerosols in 1999. Sektor formed Blackbook Ink in 2011 to create unique artworks for the public to enjoy. He believes art should be shared with the public and not kept only in galleries—street art can be viewed 24/7 by its audience. Through Blackbook Ink, Sektor has had the chance to grow as an artist painting different styles of artwork for clients, and is always learning and progressing to better himself as an artist.

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